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Please complete the following questionnaire to perform an analysis of the level of risk you have that you could lose critical information if your PC is damaged, stolen or suffers a crash.
You should run the analysis for each PC that you control.
  Name:    Email:    (We reserve the right to contact you regarding the results of your analysis)
Q1. What do you store on your PC?
(Tick all that apply)
Letters Emails Photographs
Spreadsheets Presentations Client information
Sales database Company reports Accounts information
Other critical data
Q2. Do you keep complete and up-to-date paper records that you could use to reenter lost PC data?
Q3. How often do you back up your PC data?
Q4. Which of these best describes your backup setup?
Q5. How long do you keep each backup?
Q6. How long do you test and evaluate your backup strategy?
Q7. Who has access to your PC?
Q8. Do you or any of your employees...
(Tick all that apply)
Install non-company software Surf the Internet from this PC
Download shared music
Q9. How many computers are on your network?
Q10. How often do you run updates on your computer?
Q11. Which of the following do you use on your PC?
(Tick all that apply)
Windows firewall Other firewall Anti-virus software
Anti-spam software Password protection
Q12. If you lost all your PC data, how long would it take to get everything back again, either from a backup or by entering the data manually?
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